Sunday’s shopping list


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Time for another shopping dilema: I’m looking for the perfect little black bag.
It’s getting a bit ridiculous how I don’t have one of those in my closet. I have two large black shoppers, and several small everyday cross-body bags in different colors. However lately I’m all about finding the perfect staple pieces that I can wear for the longest time, and there’s something about bags that’s making it kind of difficult for me. I’m too picky I guess. I don’t wear leather (the above from Zara is actually leather; I wouldn’t buy it but the model is similar to what I want); I don’t want anything to shiny, embellished or printed; it cannot be too big but it has to fit nicely all my everyday shenanigans; it must have a zipper.
Plus, it can’t be expensive. Expensive bags are not my thing – yet!

shopping, mango, little black bag, leather bag, black bagshopping, parfois, little black bag, leather bag, black bag
Mango // Parfois

My problem is some bags look ok while in the store, but when you get to wear you realize they don’t fit anything inside, either because the material is to rigid or they won’t close after having more than just your cell phone inside. OR they are huge bowler bags and besides putting way too much stuff inside them, I end up not finding anything (classic girl problem).
One other thing is I always do some online research before hitting the mall, and most times  everything looks totally different!

Let’s just hope I can find the perfect one soon enough, and as for you I hope you are having a wonderful weekend :)

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Going for a run


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This morning I went running! Yeah! I’ve been doing some exercise in the house, but besides not being enough to burn calories and stay active, I really felt the need to go outside. I do enjoy running, but to start is what takes courage. So, while I’m still excited about it, it’s better to make a quick post with some great exercise outfit options. The one thing I really need is the smartphone bracelet, the rest is just a motivation booster.

go for it, running, sports, oysho, sportswear, spring 2014 go for it, running, sports, leggins, oysho, sportswear, spring 2014go for it, running, sports, oysho, sportswear, spring 2014, running shoes, neon, pink sneakers“Go for it” tshirtsmartphone braceletleggings running shoes

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Black sneakers – finally!


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So, I finally got my black sneakers! I was looking for the perfect pair for months, and after some online searching and price comparison I decided to go for the Nike Air Pegasus 30 Shield in black (these ones are actually from the men’s collection). I also tried the Free 5.0 model, but they look kind of weird on my feet, although I really like seeing them on other people. I bought them in january, on sale – even better – so I’m not sure if you can find the exact model still in stores. I’m really happy with this pair, and they have the coolest reflective leopard print, which you only notice when there is light shining towards them. Being black, they look very discrete, but the leopard print ads that extra “cool” factor I look for in running shoes. OH, and did I mentioned how extraordinary comfortable they are??

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Remember this post? It was last summer when the search begun.


Nike Air Pegasus 30 Shield

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How much is too much?

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Would you pay more than 3000$ for this bag? What about a little less than 300$, for a perfect replica? What’s the meaning of the price you pay for the real logo, and without the logo, would this bag loose it’s interest?

For me, the one thing I know for sure is I’m absolutely in love with this design. A classic, well structured purse looks good in every outfit.Joana from Style & Expectfacebooktwitterpinterestbloglovin