My lip balm addiction


My lipbalm addictionHello, my name is Joana and I’m a lip balm addict.
This is not my average blog post, but since I live surrounded by my beloved (and essential) lip balms, I though it would be nice to share it with my readers. This is my current collection — I guess we can call it like that — of five different lip treatments, each one used in different occasions and for different purposes. Continue reading

What’s in my beach bag?

Beach days are over… beach bag, tag, summer, black backpack,

Hello guys! My holidays are over, and I might not go to the beach again this year, so I’m showing you what’s in my beach bag! This is a tag that’s been around all summer, and I find interesting to see what people consider essential for a day at the beach. I try to bring the less I can, because obviously I don’t like carrying a heavy bag with me all day. Last week I used my black H&M backpack (from the men’s department).


Olá! As férias estão a acabar, e como posso não ter outra oportunidade de voltar à praia, achei boa ideia fazer agora um post sobre o que levo no saco de praia! É uma tag que tenho visto desde que começou o verão, e acho sempre interessante ver o que as outras pessoas consideram essencial para um dia na praia. Eu tentar levar o mínimo possível, e desta vez o que usei foi a mochila preta da H&M (Divided, do piso de rapaz). Espero que gostem, e comentem com os vossos indispensáveis para a praia! ;)

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