Spring mood


springflower pattern, spring, blog makeover, style and expectHello guys! Spring has definitely arrived on Style & Expect, with a new banner and sun-kissed flowers. I felt my previous header was to heavy and wintery for now.
What do you think? I would like to make some alterations on the layout as well, but for now this is it! With my masters on the way I can’t spend too much time blogging, unfortunately.
The image I found randomly on Pinterest, and the lettering I created using my Wacom digital drawing tablet — actually, it’s very similar to my regular handwriting, so it’s a nice personal touch for the blog don’t you think? :)

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Style & Expect has a new image!

style and expect

    Style & Expect design has changed! After a few days of experimentations, changing wordpress themes and a good combo of Photoshop + Html code, I’m happy with the result! I may add a few more sections on the sidebar, such as a small about me box, and a new Blogroll, but overall the new design is ready. The inspiration came from my pink glasses, for the design shapes and scheme color, and I think I achieve my expectations! So the only thing left is your opinion: what do you think?


A imagem do Style & Expect mudou! Após alguns de dias de muitas mudanças entre temes do wordpress, uma boa dose de Photoshop + código hmtl e muita experimentação, aqui está o resultado! Ainda devo mudar umas coisitas na barra lateral, como adicionar um pequeno about me e refazer o blogroll, mas no geral é este o tema que vai ficar. Baseei-me nos meus óculos para começar o processo de design e o esquema de cores, e acho que consegui responder às minhas expectativas. :) Agora, só falta mesmo a vossa opinião! Gostaram?

Joana from Style & Expect