+ 2nd blog anniversary

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Hello everyone! Welcome to our new address! is finally here! *yay*

This blog is now two years old, despite I didn’t start taking it seriously till september 2012 probably. It has had it’s ups and downs, and I almost quit when I was having too much school work too handle and I thought I couldn’t blog anymore.
No I feel more passionate about blogging than ever — it’s not only about shopping the latest trend or showcasing pretty outfits; it’s my favorite hobby, and an important part of who I am today.

I want to keep improving Style & Expect, posting more often and creating new content is what I am willing to do. I hope I can count on you guys on this journey, your support, comments and motivation have been so important!

I’ll be thrilled to hear if you had any new suggestions, post ideas or anything new you would like to see on this blog. So far I have some new ideas in mind, and some surprises too so stay tuned!

PS – You can add me on Bloglovin again, since the url changed my posts will no longer appear on the previous account.

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Lately on Instagram #1

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New glasses & a new red look.

instagram; joana_id

Yup, still into stripes and everything navy. sneak-peek of today’s outfit.

instagram; joana_id

I try to eat healthy, except when there’s cake.


Hello guys! This week my Instagram feed was loaded with cute stuff, from my new glasses to the gorgeous desserts above. I’m also keeping up with my photography challenge (#desculpashámuitas), but not everyday. Today’s theme was water and I didn’t felt like doing it, nor did I want to take a picture of a glass of water just because. Anyways, I getting great feedback from doing it, and I feel my effort in taking better pictures is paying off! :)

If you are as into Instagramming everyday as I am, leave me a comment with your link so I can check out your account! I’d love that!

Wishing you all a nice weekend!

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Spring mood


springflower pattern, spring, blog makeover, style and expectHello guys! Spring has definitely arrived on Style & Expect, with a new banner and sun-kissed flowers. I felt my previous header was to heavy and wintery for now.
What do you think? I would like to make some alterations on the layout as well, but for now this is it! With my masters on the way I can’t spend too much time blogging, unfortunately.
The image I found randomly on Pinterest, and the lettering I created using my Wacom digital drawing tablet — actually, it’s very similar to my regular handwriting, so it’s a nice personal touch for the blog don’t you think? :)

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A photo a day…


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A photo a day might not keep the doctor away, but it’s a cool habit for sure! I’m doing a new Instagram challenge (since I failled to keep up with the #100happydays, what a shame I know), motivated by the lovely We Blog You team.
This is particularly interesting for the portuguese readers, since it’s from a portuguese blog, but I’ll give everyone an idea of the challenge. Every month there’s a new list with themes & keywords on their blog, and we can either follow it day by day or chose to post a picture when the subject looks more appealing. The creators of the challenge suggest to go beyond the obvious, and to avoid being literal to the keyword.
    The idea is to let your interest in photography grow and to find creativity in each small moment of your daily life — at least for me. The photo above is my first one, “white”. Oh and btw, I usually take my instagram pictures with my cellphone, only when my camera is right near me I’ll use it to capture something with the purpose to post it right away.

The hashtag is #desculpashámuitas and you can follow me at
Wish you all a lovely weekend!

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Lately on Instagram


navy ballerinasNavy ballerinas & a splash of neon

neon, white necklace, neon nail polishoatmeal with strawberries, healthy breakfastOatmeal with strawberries, one of my healthy breakfast choices of the week

instagram @joana_id

work, work, work! Either at my desk or on location, my masters degree is not going to finish itself.
instagram @joana_id

Bits & pieces from my Instagram account. Sadly, I’m no longer keeping up with the #100happydays challenge, as mentioned on the previous instagram update. I try to find something positive everyday, but capturing it and posting on the web is another story. There’s only so much cat pictures one can post daily right?!

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