Style & Expect

Style as passion, mainly for clothes and fashion, but also for everything visual; Expect as an obsession, where I’m constantly planning and imagining different situations, thinking about the future and what I can do about it. Two basic elements about who I am.

And who am I? I’m still finding that out, but I can tell you this: my name is Joana, and I’m  a 23 year-old  fashion designer from Portugal. I’m also into styling, and recently, communication! I’m currently finishing my masters degree and working on My Little Notebook, a company created by me and some close friends, where we design handmade cute notebooks.

Thanks for stopping by!


7 thoughts on “A B O U T

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  3. Fashion designer at 22. How fabulous! I guess you might like the clothing giveaway I have now in my site. Feel free to join :)

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