A photo a day…

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A photo a day might not keep the doctor away, but it’s a cool habit for sure! I’m doing a new Instagram challenge (since I failled to keep up with the #100happydays, what a shame I know), motivated by the lovely We Blog You team.
This is particularly interesting for the portuguese readers, since it’s from a portuguese blog, but I’ll give everyone an idea of the challenge. Every month there’s a new list with themes & keywords on their blog, and we can either follow it day by day or chose to post a picture when the subject looks more appealing. The creators of the challenge suggest to go beyond the obvious, and to avoid being literal to the keyword.
    The idea is to let your interest in photography grow and to find creativity in each small moment of your daily life — at least for me. The photo above is my first one, “white”. Oh and btw, I usually take my instagram pictures with my cellphone, only when my camera is right near me I’ll use it to capture something with the purpose to post it right away.

The hashtag is #desculpashámuitas and you can follow me at instagram.com/joana_id.
Wish you all a lovely weekend!

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