My lip balm addiction

My lipbalm addictionHello, my name is Joana and I’m a lip balm addict.
This is not my average blog post, but since I live surrounded by my beloved (and essential) lip balms, I though it would be nice to share it with my readers. This is my current collection — I guess we can call it like that — of five different lip treatments, each one used in different occasions and for different purposes.

lipbalm, review, maybelline, baby lips, peach kissMaybelline Babylips in Peach Kiss — these came to Portugal last year I believe. Quite inexpensive (2,99€), for me this is the perfect lip balm to carry on my purse on an everyday basis. It says it keeps your lips hydrated for 8 hours, which I honestly don’t believe, but it’s not bad either. The color on my lips comes out as a very discrete nude shade and I find it useful to apply throughout the day.lipbalm, clarins, instant light, reviewClarins Instant Light in the shade 01 — OK, technically, this might not be a lip balm, but the formula is so rich and moisturizing that it leaves your lips super soft! This is a very soft pink gloss with an amazing scent, and the only lip gloss I genuinely love — perfect for a soft spring makeup! Despite being the most expensive one on this list, I will probably repurchase it.
lipbalm, review, primark, chocolate

Primark’s Chocolate Lip Balm — So this is one the random items placed near the registers, so you can remember you need the stuff right before leaving the store. I actually bought it to even out the bill when I got a gift card, so I wouldn’t leave 1,5€ to waist. I thought I would never use it since I find these containers unhygienic because you have to use your finger. HOWEVER — biggest surprise ever — this is now one of my favorites! I only use it inside the house, especially at night or when my lips are especially dry. The formula resembles Vaseline, and truly nourishes and takes care of chapped lips.lipbalm, review, labello, sos lipbalmLabello SOS Lip Balm — Oldie but goodie. This is the standard lip balm I always have around; super cheap and it usually comes in a pack of two. I find it very useful when traveling, because you can apply a small amount during the day or build it up at night for a more nourishing effect.lipbalm, review, douglas, instant care lip kit Douglas Instant Care Lip Kit — Last but not least, this is what I have on my desk (maybe because they are shaped like pencils? Idk). The kit comes with a pencil sharpener, a lip balm and a lip scrub —which is actually my favorite. Not only it scrubs gently the excess skin of your lips, but leaves them very soft afterwards.

Are you a lip balm addict as well, or are you good to go having just one of these in your purse? For me they’re really essential because I get chapped lips very easily. It’s the most dreadful feeling when I noticed I changed bags and forgot to bring one with me!
Anyways, I hope you’re having a lovely week!

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4 thoughts on “My lip balm addiction

  1. whatsasssays says:

    I am also a lip balm lover! I have so many in all my different handbags and around my room. I just can’t get enough! I am very tempted by the Clarins lipgloss. I love anything by Clarins and the colour looks absolutely gorgeous!
    Sass x

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