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Hello everyone! Welcome to our new address! is finally here! *yay*

This blog is now two years old, despite I didn’t start taking it seriously till september 2012 probably. It has had it’s ups and downs, and I almost quit when I was having too much school work too handle and I thought I couldn’t blog anymore.
No I feel more passionate about blogging than ever — it’s not only about shopping the latest trend or showcasing pretty outfits; it’s my favorite hobby, and an important part of who I am today.

I want to keep improving Style & Expect, posting more often and creating new content is what I am willing to do. I hope I can count on you guys on this journey, your support, comments and motivation have been so important!

I’ll be thrilled to hear if you had any new suggestions, post ideas or anything new you would like to see on this blog. So far I have some new ideas in mind, and some surprises too so stay tuned!

PS – You can add me on Bloglovin again, since the url changed my posts will no longer appear on the previous account.

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Sunday’s shopping list

shopping, zara, little black bag, leather bag, black bag


Time for another shopping dilema: I’m looking for the perfect little black bag.
It’s getting a bit ridiculous how I don’t have one of those in my closet. I have two large black shoppers, and several small everyday cross-body bags in different colors. However lately I’m all about finding the perfect staple pieces that I can wear for the longest time, and there’s something about bags that’s making it kind of difficult for me. I’m too picky I guess. I don’t wear leather (the above from Zara is actually leather; I wouldn’t buy it but the model is similar to what I want); I don’t want anything to shiny, embellished or printed; it cannot be too big but it has to fit nicely all my everyday shenanigans; it must have a zipper.
Plus, it can’t be expensive. Expensive bags are not my thing – yet!

shopping, mango, little black bag, leather bag, black bagshopping, parfois, little black bag, leather bag, black bag
Mango // Parfois

My problem is some bags look ok while in the store, but when you get to wear you realize they don’t fit anything inside, either because the material is to rigid or they won’t close after having more than just your cell phone inside. OR they are huge bowler bags and besides putting way too much stuff inside them, I end up not finding anything (classic girl problem).
One other thing is I always do some online research before hitting the mall, and most times  everything looks totally different!

Let’s just hope I can find the perfect one soon enough, and as for you I hope you are having a wonderful weekend :)

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Lately on Instagram #1

instagram; joana_id instagram; joana_id, glasses, red lipstick

New glasses & a new red look.

instagram; joana_id

Yup, still into stripes and everything navy. sneak-peek of today’s outfit.

instagram; joana_id

I try to eat healthy, except when there’s cake.


Hello guys! This week my Instagram feed was loaded with cute stuff, from my new glasses to the gorgeous desserts above. I’m also keeping up with my photography challenge (#desculpashámuitas), but not everyday. Today’s theme was water and I didn’t felt like doing it, nor did I want to take a picture of a glass of water just because. Anyways, I getting great feedback from doing it, and I feel my effort in taking better pictures is paying off! :)

If you are as into Instagramming everyday as I am, leave me a comment with your link so I can check out your account! I’d love that!

Wishing you all a nice weekend!

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Walking on air

flowers, spring 2014, outfit, fashion blogger, style and expect, navy shirt, flower pants

Walking on wedges actually. I never ever wear high heels (I don’t like getting my feet hurt, plus I’m already the tallest girl in the room most of the times even in flats), but these wooden sandals just felt right in the outfit.I bought them two years ago, yet they are basically new because it’s so rare for me to wear them. You’d expect them to be nice and comfortable since the wedge looks pretty stable; well, they are not! At least for me!

flowers, spring 2014, outfit, fashion blogger, style and expect, navy shirt, flower pants

Anyways, still in the navy mood. I’m obsessed with this shirt from Blanco. It’s super loose and comfy, and has a triangle cut out in the back, which did not appear in any photograph apparently. Since spring has begun I’m also all into patterns, flowers especially. Too bad I packed everything floral for the weekend, ending up with almost no options to wear.

flowers, spring 2014, outfit, fashion blogger, style and expect, navy shirt, flower pants flowers, spring 2014, outfit, fashion blogger, style and expect, navy shirt, flower pantsAnd this rose gold cross body bag is still one of my staples for the sunny weather! :)

shirt: Blanco // floral pants: local store // bag: Springfield // sandals: Stradivarius


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