Black sneakers – finally!

nike, nike air pegasus 30 shield, black, sneakers, style, trend, 2014

So, I finally got my black sneakers! I was looking for the perfect pair for months, and after some online searching and price comparison I decided to go for the Nike Air Pegasus 30 Shield in black (these ones are actually from the men’s collection). I also tried the Free 5.0 model, but they look kind of weird on my feet, although I really like seeing them on other people. I bought them in january, on sale – even better – so I’m not sure if you can find the exact model still in stores. I’m really happy with this pair, and they have the coolest reflective leopard print, which you only notice when there is light shining towards them. Being black, they look very discrete, but the leopard print ads that extra “cool” factor I look for in running shoes. OH, and did I mentioned how extraordinary comfortable they are??

trend, wanted, black, sneakers, nike, adidas, style and expect, bloggers, new balance

Remember this post? It was last summer when the search begun.


Nike Air Pegasus 30 Shield

nike, air pegasus, black sneakers, trend 2014, sports trend, black and white

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