What’s in my beach bag?

Beach days are over… beach bag, tag, summer, black backpack,

Hello guys! My holidays are over, and I might not go to the beach again this year, so I’m showing you what’s in my beach bag! This is a tag that’s been around all summer, and I find interesting to see what people consider essential for a day at the beach. I try to bring the less I can, because obviously I don’t like carrying a heavy bag with me all day. Last week I used my black H&M backpack (from the men’s department).


Olá! As férias estão a acabar, e como posso não ter outra oportunidade de voltar à praia, achei boa ideia fazer agora um post sobre o que levo no saco de praia! É uma tag que tenho visto desde que começou o verão, e acho sempre interessante ver o que as outras pessoas consideram essencial para um dia na praia. Eu tentar levar o mínimo possível, e desta vez o que usei foi a mochila preta da H&M (Divided, do piso de rapaz). Espero que gostem, e comentem com os vossos indispensáveis para a praia! ;)

beach bag, tag, sunscreen, garnier 50+, evian,

1. Gum; 2. Lip balm / lip sunscreen – this one is from Garnier; 3. Sunscreen of course. I always 30 or higher protection, this one is also from Garnier Ambre Solaire; 4. Thermal water. I like to spray this during the day to prevent my skin to get dried out from the sun and sea salt – this one is an Evian sample size; 5. Mirror and earphones. beach, reading, josé saramago, diários de lanzerote, pink hm sunglasses

Sunglases and something to read – “Cadernos de Lanzarote“, by José Saramagobeach bag, dry oil, yves rocher, summer essential,

Dry oil for body and hair, Monoï de Tahiti from Yves Rocher, and the pouch I used to keep the small things together.What's in my beach bag?

I hope you liked this post! Enjoy the summer while you can :)




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