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favorite-blogsThis is something I’ve been wanting to post for a while, but since I also wanted to add a blogroll list to the side, I had to put more time into it – hence the delay. Today I’m sharing with you some of my favorite bloggers, divided by categories, and you can check the rest of the list on the sidebar. Just something you should know – not all of these are fashion blogs, some of them are a compilation of illustrations or artworks made by designers; however they are still blogs, and an online place where I can find inspiration.


Este post é algo que já queria fazer há algum tempo, mas como também quis preparar a lista de blogs para a barra lateral acabei por demorar mais algum tempo. Hoje vou partilhar convosco os blogues que visito mais frequentemente, divididos por categorias. Mas atenção – nem todos são blogues de moda! Achei que devia fazer este aviso, para saberem que podem também encontrar no meu blogroll blogs de ilustração ou de trabalhos de designers. Espero que gostem e que este post possa trazer mais alguns blogues para a vossa coleção! :)

1. Portuguese Blogs

IMG_8218Joana Vilaça, from My Fashion Dreamcatcher. For me she is the most stylist fashion blogger in Portugal! Love her style; can’t help it.


funny+white+black+bloggerI’m sure you all (at least the portuguese) know this silly girl from My Fashion Insider. I don’t even like what she wears that much, but still I’m always looking at her posts x)


SAMSUNG CSCAndreia from Stylish Rogue is the one friend that calls me everyday, and has been on board with me in this blogging adventure since the beginning. She should blog more though, so go over there and say something to her :P


2. international BLOGS9026141424_4600fde258_o

Le Blog de Betty is the only big/famous blog I follow now, because she didn’t turn her blog into a publicity machine, plus her style is my biggest style crush, ever.



Love Aesthetics. Just go there, it’s beautiful and you should do so.


3. illustration BLOGS

fotografia (12)

Teresa from She’s a Maniac is a portuguese girl living in Istambul, and she does these awesome illustrations, most time fashion related.


Captura de ecrã - 2013-06-27, 22.42.55

Marta Ribeiro illustrates her world with a sweet, almost childish perspective, creating lovely and colorful images. Go check out her artwork!


To see more of the blogs I follow, please take a look on my new blogroll section on the left sidebar. To follow Style & Expect, check out the links bellow!



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