The perks of being a fashion blogger



Have you ever heard someone mentioning fashion blogging with a hint of disdain? “Oh those shallow girls”, everyone has something interesting to say now…
I’ve never felt this personally, and now I don’t hide my blog anymore, everyone knows about it and I’m proud of it. However, this weekend, during a Copywriting workshop I attended, the term “fashion blogger” came up as something slightly negative. We were asked to image three different characters, a chef, a football player and a fashion blogger, each representing kind of a social stereotype. Being a blogger is something very common nowadays, but it’s not yet something totally acceptable do be, especially in Portugal. Some months ago a promo video for Samsung went viral because of what one of the bloggers invited said, something about wanting a Chanel bag.

I believe fashion bloggers are often underrated because of the massive about of blogs there are out there, and somehow a stereotype was born. The one thing I must agree with is the fact of how so many bloggers started to look alike and wear the same things.  I know following trends and keeping our wardrobe updated is a cool thing to do, but must we all look alike? What about the Zara shorts saga, will it be continued until everyone has it’s own pair? I often struggle with these subjects, like in this case; when I first saw the shorts I liked them so much (they look awesome, really) but when everyone started wearing them, I kind of lost the interest… A trend fades when it becomes mainstream – not hipster talk, I really think that.

What about you, do you relate with this in any way? Are you also living the perks of being a fashion blogger? :P


7 thoughts on “The perks of being a fashion blogger

  1. I totally do! I’ve been bloggin for 6 years now, I kept the blog to myself, close friends and family untill last year (2012). At that point I had so many friends saying my blog was “so good it should be shared”. But I often get a negative wibe when they get to know that I have a blog. But it is a perk, I have loads of acquaintances whom are envious about the fact that I get invites to fashion shows and events, that a huge perk!

    I totally agree with you with a trend fades when it becomes mainstream. I really loved those parkas with leather arms, but whenI saw them late in 2011 I couldnt afford one and later in spring of 2012 EVERYONE had one, so I never purchased one.

    I think it’s important to not have a weird “blog-personality” when your blogging. I knew a girl once who pretended to be someone she was not on her blog, she used to write bad things about friends and people arround her and when you met her in real life she was quite different. So I think to stay true to yourself is important when blogging. Thats at least how I survived beeing a fashion blogger ;)

    loved this post btw :)

    • Thanks for sharing your experience! <3 You kept you blog a secret for a looong time! I'm glad you "came out", you're doing a great job with it. And we need people with genuine passion for blogging to show the world it's a hobby as anything else, we are not different from the rest of the people. Thanks again! ***

      • I kept it as a diary to begin with and later on found a passion in taking pictures and writing. Thanks to you too for your post, I really appreciated it ;)

        And that’s right: we are not different from the rest ;)

  2. I blog about fashion, but I don’t normally call myself a fashion blogger. Because of the negative connotations with teenage girls posting abysmal selfies, and having way too much influence on how people view fashion. Maybe people like us should reclaim the term?

  3. This is a great post, and I completely agree! I’m not strictly a fashion blogger in any sense, but I do blog about clothes and outfits. However, I tend to stay away from the huge brand names and buy affordable clothes that I can afford.

    I can kind of see where the bad reputation comes from (when I read some of the big fashion blogs), but I really don’t think people should generalize.


  5. I’m a late bloomer. I started blogging a few weeks ago and I don’t even consider myself a fashionista. But blogging is fun to me and I see fashion blogging is creative, inventive and I have my own fashion sense (or maybe not a lot of fashion style), I know I like colors, with blue as my favorite colors and I am trying to design/create things like tote bags, eyeglass cases and maybe headgear ( aka hats). Anyway, go ahead and blog and send me advice( if you don’t mind) to my blog thebaggXchange at Keep the creative juices flowing!

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