The perks of being a fashion blogger



Have you ever heard someone mentioning fashion blogging with a hint of disdain? “Oh those shallow girls”, everyone has something interesting to say now…
I’ve never felt this personally, and now I don’t hide my blog anymore, everyone knows about it and I’m proud of it. However, this weekend, during a Copywriting workshop I attended, the term “fashion blogger” came up as something slightly negative. We were asked to image three different characters, a chef, a football player and a fashion blogger, each representing kind of a social stereotype. Being a blogger is something very common nowadays, but it’s not yet something totally acceptable do be, especially in Portugal. Some months ago a promo video for Samsung went viral because of what one of the bloggers invited said, something about wanting a Chanel bag.

I believe fashion bloggers are often underrated because of the massive about of blogs there are out there, and somehow a stereotype was born. The one thing I must agree with is the fact of how so many bloggers started to look alike and wear the same things.  I know following trends and keeping our wardrobe updated is a cool thing to do, but must we all look alike? What about the Zara shorts saga, will it be continued until everyone has it’s own pair? I often struggle with these subjects, like in this case; when I first saw the shorts I liked them so much (they look awesome, really) but when everyone started wearing them, I kind of lost the interest… A trend fades when it becomes mainstream – not hipster talk, I really think that.

What about you, do you relate with this in any way? Are you also living the perks of being a fashion blogger? :P


Details: ring party!


Bright neon orange nails + a hole lot of rings.


My friend Andreia from Stylish Rogue once asked why she never saw me wearing rings, since I had so many cute ones. I told her I usually forgot about them, but today I did not. It’s ring candy madness!


Certo dia a minha amiga Andreia do Stylish Rogue perguntou-me porque é que nunca me via com anéis, já que eu tenho alguns tão giros. Respondi-lhe que normalmente me esquecia deles, mas neste dia lembrei-me e fiz uma festa de anéis nos dedos!