Organization Challenge


Today’s post is something different, something that will help me (and maybe you too) to get better at blogging: organization. I’m really making things work spending the less time possible with it, because as a master student, I always have lots of stuff to do and little time to do it.
As for Style & Expect, this is what I’ll do from now on:
# 1. Schedule. I’m terrible at this, so I’ll force myself to write down and plan everything ahead, like the posts I already made and the ones I have in mind.
You can see the agenda I’m using here .


# 2 Keep it simple. It can be a struggle to go through all the socia media, sharing you content through a ton of websites, so I’m following IFB’s advice and picking the 3 platforms I like the most and can get the most use off: Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest. As for Twitter, I have linked it to my Facebook and Instagram account, and it’s also publishing automatically my blog posts so it’s not abandoned at all; for inspirational images, and for an ocasional relaxation break, I have We Heart It, a super cute and girly image sharing community I’m kind of addicted 3 Gadgets. I’m kind of a tech-addict, so I can’t spend a lot od time apart from my computer, tablet or phone. A tablet can be really useful to get your accounts together and updated, mine is Samsung Tab 2.0 with 7 inches, which is small enough to fit in your purse and hang with you all the time and you can synched it with your computer, so all your accounts, pictures and everything is instantly ready to use. I used to have an Android phone, but with the tablet I didn’t need it anymore, so now I have this simple Samsung Chat which is also very useful to write down small notes and to-do lists so I don’t forget a thing! 4 It’s like a diet. In order to have an healthy blog, you need a bit of everything in small amounts, but on a regular basis. At breakfast I’ll be checking emails and blog stats; between meals, posting something on Facebook and Instagram; lunch is to check other bloggers and browse Pinterest; on the afternoon planning new posts and take cool outfit pictures; before bed make some comments and interact with other bloggers. This shouldn’t be that hard right? :)


6 thoughts on “Organization Challenge

  1. Olá encontrei o teu blog por acaso e gostei muito. Lembrei-me de uma dica que te podia dar para a gestão das redes sociais, se usas mac tens um programa chamado streamified, se não cria uma conta no vais ver que faz maravilhas aos post no facebook twitter e afins.

    Continua com o bom trabalho! :)

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