MMM for H&M


These were the Margiela babies that unfortunately I could not get, from the new H&M capsule collection. I found them this week when I discovered that almost all of the collection was still in store, which is pretty unusual, considering all the previous ones sold out in minutes. So, my conclusion? Portuguese people (in general), don’t get this kind of conceptual, avant-garde fashion. And unfortunately, my wallet does not understand how these gorgeous nude and acrylic lovelies can cost 200€ :(


Este são os amores da coleção cápsula Margiela para H&M, com quem infelizmente não pude consumar a relação. Descobri-os por acaso esta semana, quando dei de caras com a coleção praticamente intacta, ainda na loja, o que é bastante estranho tendo em conta que as anteriores esgotaram em minutos. A minha conclusão? As portuguesas (em geral), ainda não estão preparadas para este tipo de moda conceptual e avant-garde. E, infelizmente, a minha carteira não está preparada para perder 200€ nesta relação perfeita entre o nude e o acrílico :(

picture taken with Instagram


6 thoughts on “MMM for H&M

  1. Those shoes are so pretty. I heard that collection in general wasn’t that great though, like people didn’t really like it, and most of the collection were available in stores after.

  2. Those shoes are awesome!
    As for the rest of the MMM for H&M collection, I think perhaps some of the cuts / shapes etc are a little fashion forward for some people? I have to say I really liked a lot of pieces, but I was forced to admit that working certain looks into my wardrobe would be problematic!

    • Yeah that’s what I though! And the prices were a bit high too, so I don’t think it a was a good deal, to buy something that extravagant and not know when you would use it :/

    • Exacto, também já me tinham dito que se passava o mesmo noutros países. Temos de esperar pela próxima colaboração, pode ser que seja mais apelativa, e mais em conta também! ;)

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