Sportive weekend

After some outfits more glamourous and sophisticated, it’s was time chill out and wear something simple and comfortable. This is kind of my version of sportswear, still with a skirt and tights, but hey I was not going to gym anyways!
This weekend starts earlier in Portugal, with a nice holiday, celebrating the establishment of the republic in our country. I can really use some extra time to relax, since this week was pretty tiring, with all the shopping, blogging, meetings, and university work going on.


Depois de passar por conjuntos mais glamorosos e sofisticados, rendi-me à descontração do simples e confortável. É a minha versão de roupa de desporto, ainda que de collants e saia, mas também não estava vestida para ir ao ginásio certo??
E nada melhor que o fim-de-semana grande para descansar, já que tenho andado bastante cansada com tanta coisa a acontecer: compras, o blogue, reuniões e aulas…

neon snickers – Nike; skirt and backpack  – H&M; coat – Primark


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