Are you an Independent Fashion Blogger?


Independent Fashion Bloggers. Never heard of it? Well, you should have. It’s an internet community for bloggers, not somewhere you would go to brag about your posts, but a place where you can really learn about turning your blog into something special.

Now that I’m trying to get back to a non-vacation state of mind, I started by keeping up with some stories on IFB – everything you read there, was written buy someone who has, in fact, a blog, and quite often a really successful one. Along with great tips, social networks how-to’s and a ton of useful information, this community is always encouraging everyone to keep up with their blogs, not to give up and to believe in oneself.

Despite all the competition out there, and the obsession of becoming a famous blogger, I think everyone should enjoy their blog, even if is simple or if you don’t have those millions of followers. It’s your own online space, it’s your own opinion, and it’s certainly something to be proud of!

Here are some of the latest stories I read, maybe you can find them useful too!                   3 Years Later: What I’d Tell My Beginning Blogger Self | Try, Try Again: A Failure Can Lead To The Ultimate Success Story | Finding Your Voice: The 5 Types of Bloggers

You can also visit my IFB’s profile: click here!





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