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More than 1000 views! Drafts & Expectations doesn’t even have two months of existence, has already passed this mark!

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This is a digital illustration I made the other day, and I feel posting it now it’s a nice way to celebrate this achievement. ♥


National Anthem

Lana del Rey new video: National Anthem. I am absolutely overwhelmed with the characters Lana embodies. In this video, despite the obvious Kennedy + Jacqueline reference, she reminds so much of Twiggy!

I really like her songs, and the videos are such an amazing plus to her career. ♥

Sport + Chic – part II

Considering my lately sport-chic affair, I decided to make an outfit post about what I wear to work out – that being said, keep in mind that working out for me is doing small located exercises and hiking. I’m pretty lazy, however, knowing that sportive looks are trending right now, and fashion stores are offering interesting sportswear, this is the first time I ever felt motivated to work out and stay healthy.

sports bra + shorts: Sportzone – tank top:H&M – neon snickers: Nike

Sport + Chic – part I

My beloved trend -at the moment- is combining sportive, or sports inspired pieces, with stylish items to create an unique outfit. Effortless chic & urban statement at the same time.

Natasha Poly for Vogue Italia. source: Fashion Gone Rogue

I made this collage using ASOS Fashion Finder. Definitely a look I’ld go for right now, despite being a bit bold – gold sequins don’t usually go with my everyday mood… Continue reading